Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Mohamed Harkat Arrested

For Immediate Release - January 29, 2008

Harkat supporters react with to shock to unjust arrest

Ottawa – Supporters of Mohamed Harkat reacted with shock to his unexpected and unjustified arrest Tuesday.

"It was just your average day. Moe was in the shower when our house was invaded by members of the Ottawa Police and Canadian Border Services Agency," said Sophie Harkat, wife of Mohamed Harkat.

"They took him away and now our nightmare has returned."

Mohamed and Sophie Harkat and the Justice for Mohamed Harkat Committee strongly deny that there was a breach of Mr. Harkat's bail conditions as CBSA alleges. The Harkat family has complied to the letter with all the conditions imposed – which are the toughest in Canadian history.

"Mohamed's bail conditions are being reviewed by the federal court next Monday. In addition, MPs are currently debating a new – but likely unconstitutional – Security Certificate law this week," said Kevin Skerrett of the Justice for Mohamed Harkat Committee.

"It is clear to us that this unjustified arrest was a calculated move by the government. According to statements by CBSA officials, the arrest order was signed by a Cabinet Minister."

The members of the committee agree with Sophie Harkat when she says: "This arrest is harassment – pure and simple!"

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