Tuesday, May 11, 2010

This Friday! "Connect the Dots: Why you should care about the G8/G20"

No One Is Illegal Ottawa presents a community dinner & discussion on the upcoming G8/G20 meetings in Toronto!

Friday, May 14, 2010
Le Patro Community Centre (in Lowertown), Hall #1
40 Cobourg Street (near the corner of St. Patrick Street)

**free meal provided!**

Our speakers - people active in their communities, organizing for social justice and mobilizing for the G8/G20 meetings - will talk about how the G8/G20 affects poor, immigrant, indigenous, and working communities across Canada, and in Ottawa. We'll be serving a free dinner to bring people in Ottawa together, in order to gather ideas and strategies on how to raise awareness of the impacts of global economic policies on our communities and how we can empower ourselves and strengthen our ties as a larger community. And, you can sign up to get on a bus to Toronto to resist the G8!

The featured panelists are:
Syed Hussan
Mélanie Stafford
Shawn Brant
Mostafa henaway

*Syed Hussan is an organizer for migrant justice and in defence of Indigenous Sovereignty. He lives, works, and writes in Toronto and dreams of a world where all people can live with justice and dignity. He thinks that people of color, indigenous people. women, queer and disAbled communities should take to the streets against the G8/G20 and come to Toronto.

*Mélanie Stafford is a poet, lover and a fighter. She is an agitator, facilitator and educator in matters of sexual health. This is a wide issue, and she’s found that writing, singing and listening are powerful forms of activism. She mostly learns from young people, and actively engages against the colonialist and oppressive disturbances in our everyday interactions. Mélanie believes that everyone has something to share, learn and unlearn. She chooses her bike route by the firewood or lilac smells and sees instructions on how to live from the heart all around her.

*Shawn Brant is a citizen of the Mohawk Nation living in the community of Tyendinaga. In 1998, he joined forces with the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty (OCAP), mobilizing urban First Nations people into what he calls “a fighting force.”

*Mostafa Henaway is a Montreal-based community organizer with the Immigrant Workers Centre and a member of Tadamon!, a collective actively engaged in the international movement of Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions against Israeli apartheid.

Everyone is welcome!
**Child care will be provided on-site.

**ASL translation assistance will be provided (text-based).

If you require English, French, or Spanish translation please let us know by posting on the wall of this event or contacting noiiottawa@gmail.com.