Monday, October 21, 2013

Performer bios for "All Immigrants are Artists"

About the MC of the evening:
Brandon Wint is an Ottawa-based writer and poet who has graced stages and captured audiences across Canada with his unique spoken word performances since 2008. Through his insightful performance pieces, Wint encapsulates the subtle and remarkable beauty of the human condition. As a poet who has been part of two Canadian Festival of Spoken Word championship teams, and as one who has traveled the country performing poetry for diverse audiences, Wint has been exposed to many styles of poetry, many ways of relating, and many different artistic aesthetics. In just two years, he has done over 80 performances, both as a solo artist and as part of The Recipe Poetry Troupe, and has been a champion of the monthly Capital Slam competition in Ottawa. His spoken word pieces have been recorded and included on four collaborative albums.


About Ikenna:
Ikenna "OpenSecret" Onyegbula has been a spoken word performing artist for five years. In that time, he has represented Ottawa five times at National level, winning the National Slam Poetry Team Title back to back in 2009 and 2010 and the National Individual Slam Poetry Title In 2011 and 2013. In 2012, he finished as a Finalist at the World Poetry Slam Championships in Paris, France, while representing Canada and in 2014, he is slated to represent Canada again at the World Poetry Slam Championships. Ikenna has toured and performed extensively throughout Canada and the United States and currently serves as the artistic director of Canada's National Youth Poetry Festival, YouthCanSlam.


About Lishai:
Lishai is an award winning poet who uses the power of the pen to connect, reflect and educate. She was raised in Europe and the Middle East, but is a daughter of India’s diaspora.

Aside from teaching spoken word in high schools throughout Toronto and producing spoken word events, she has represented Toronto in national and international poetry slams; most recently on the winning team for the national spoken word slam championship.

Lishai is the author of a graphic novel "Why Birds and Wolves Don't Trad Stones" and is currently working on her debut album that explores the theme of migration.

Web: Twitter: @LishaiP

About Lukayo:
Lukayo Faye Catherine Estrella, aka Festrell, talks a lot (like, really, a lot), and tries to back it up with facts and hugs. Sometimes they asks people to come together to get money to help folks or to create spaces of safety and freedom with folks in a world where other folks still think how you look or who you fuck or what genitals you have or how you talk or your ability/mobility to do stuff (like walk/see/hear) is some kind of a reason to treat you like less than a person. Mostly Lukayo tries to serve and be accountable to their people and communities.