Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Joint Statement: Octopus Book Store and No One Is Illegal Ottawa

Mutual Accountability Meeting
March 24, 2014

1. A special meeting between Octopus Book Store ("Octopus") and No One Is Illegal Ottawa (NOII-O) took place in Ottawa on March 24th, 2014, to discuss issues of accountability and community-building. NOII-O and Octopus reaffirmed their commitment to social justice and working with community groups. The meeting addressed concerns on how to create inclusive community spaces, and how to approach people, groups, and establishments in regards to accountability. 

2. The meeting welcomed and generated lessons and recommendations for both NOII-O and Octopus, such as collaborative anti-oppression training; consultation on a statement of values; and having clear feedback processes that prioritize accessible language, personal face-to-face conversations, mental and emotional health, and community mediation beyond legal systems and the State. There was also a broader discussion about social media, specifically the challenges and opportunities it creates in regards to communication, community-building, confidentiality/privacy, and self-empowerment/autonomy.

3. The meeting appreciated the contributions of everyone involved and committed to working together in building spaces of justice, anti-oppression, and inclusion. Octopus and NOII-O strongly encourage any community groups and members to approach Lisa Greaves at Octopus to engage with her in conversation in regards to any community concerns. Lisa can be reached in the the store, at (613) 233-2589, or at octopus@octopusbooks.ca. Lukayo from NOII-O can also be approached for a face-to-face conversation regarding community concerns with NOII-O. Lukayo can be reached at lukayo.estrella@gmail.com.

In Attendance:
Lukayo (Facilitator, NOII-Ottawa)
Karin (Facilitator, Octopus Books)
Lisa (Octopus Books)
Yafa (Octopus Books)
Daniel (NOII-Ottawa)
Catrina (NOII-Ottawa)
Shannon (NOII-Ottawa)